The Skeleton's Cave

Published: 1832
Language: English
Wordcount: 14,792 / 42 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 70.1
LoC Category: PZ
Downloads: 390
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Genre: Short Story

ed on the path to a considerable depth, and here and there grew a hardy and dwarfish shrub, or a tuft of wild-flowers hanging over the edge. As they proceeded, the great height at which they stood, and the steepness of the rocky wall above and below them, made Emily often tremble and grow pale as she looked down. A few rods brought the party to a turn in the rock, where the path was narrower than elsewhere, and precisely in the angle a portion of the terrace on which they walked had fallen, leaving a chasm of about two feet in width, through which their distance from the base was fearfully apparent. Le Maire had already passed it, but Emily, when she arrived at the spot, shrunk back and leaned against the rock.

"I fear I shall not be able to cross the chasm," said she, in a tone of alarm. "My poor head grows giddy from a single look at it."

"Le Maire will assist you, my child," said the old man, who walked behind her.

"With the greatest pleasure in-life," answered Le Maire; "though I conf


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Lisa Carr

An old priest, a wily hunter, and a young woman (the hunter's niece) hike through a forest to find a remote cave. The hunter is anxious to shoot anything that moves, including a small bird trapped in a cave. Not even Natty Bumpo did that. The niece is prone to fainting. A lot. They become trapped in the cave through a freak accident (which is only the first of two.)
The writing is educated, grammatically correct, excessively Latinate, often odd, and profoundly boring. The niece's boyfriend's words "vibrate in her ear." The priest suddenly becomes an ecclesiastic, and never really turns back into a priest.
And the plotting is unbelievable.

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