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Author: Tobias Buckell
Published: 2007
Language: English
Wordcount: 4,708 / 14 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 91.9
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 7,894
Added to site: 2007.04.24 16675
License: by-nc-nd

ad to pull to get here this quick. I had to get back aboard one of my old ships just to come after you." She shakes her head.

"But thank you so much," I say. I reach out to hug her. She pulls out a stun gun, fires it at my chest, and I drop to the floor of the gondola, convulsing.

"You self-involved asshole." She grabs the ball gag from the corner of the room and ties it back on me.


"I've had sixty years to despise you. My secretary program, on the other hand, based on a younger version of me, is quite infatuated with you. Well, at least my memories of you." Suzie is quite strong for a ninety year old. She's hogtied me with a piece of rope around my ankles and the handcuffs, and dragged me to the back of the gondola. "But she came up with quite a compromise. We come get your Id, which is the real you that we always loved anyway. I always sensed he was in charge when we were together back then. And then I get to kill you." She points the stun gun right at my temple. "I'll tu


Average Rating of 3.7 from 7 reviews: ****
Lisa Carr

An intriguing short story about a cyberneticized space pilot whose electronics go haywire and project a ruthless alter-ego for himself which (who?) skyjacks a dirigible traveling between floating cities on a gas-giant planet.
The problem is that the world and the situation are so absorbing that any resolution to the story will be a letdown. And it is. But the trip was interesting.

Jack Meogh

Nice story, not wonderful. I appreciate the concise references to many off-page events that led to characterization.

Has some interesting twists right from the beginning. The ending is a little convenient, but it was a fresh journey getting there.


I don't agree with Jon's assessment of the characters at all. I thought they were well done. The writing is excellent overall. This absolutely, though, felt like the first chapter of what was shaping up to be a good novel. I didn't realise it was a short story, and was surprised and disappointed when I came to the end. What, no more? I want the rest of the story.


Seemed like the author got tired and closed without really finishing anything. Several good ideas, but characters were one-[not even two]dimensional. A waste of time.

C. Alan Loewen

This little cyberpunk tale of rebel ids, derigibles, and living miles above the crushing atmosphere of a planetary gas ginat in massive floating cities has its quirks, but all-in-all, it works because the characters are fascinating.

Well worth the ten-minute investment for this little SF short story.

Shay Stephens

It was short, but still felt complete. I enjoyed it a lot and hope to read more of this story as it continues.

I liked the mix of hightech and vintage and who doesn't love blimps!


Okay cyberpunk SF short story. Too short, but the characters were interesting. I'd like to read more about the main character, maybe in the form of a novel?

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