Introduction to the Science of Sociology

Author: E. W. Burgess
Co-author: Robert Ezra Park
Published: 1921
Language: English
Wordcount: 402,751 / 1298 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 46.6
LoC Category: HM
Downloads: 6,345
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Genres: Non-fiction, Science

The materials upon which this book is based have been collected from a wide range of sources and represent the observation and reflection of men who have seen life from very different points of view. This was necessary in order to bring into the perspective of a single volume the whole wide range of social organization and human life which is the subject-matter of a science of society.

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1. Village Life in America (from the Diary of a Young Girl).

Caroline C. Richards

2. Secondary Contacts and City Life. Robert E. Park.

3. Publicity as a Form of Secondary Contact. Robert E. Park

4. From Sentimental to Rational Attitudes. Werner Sombart

5. The Sociological Significance of the "Stranger." Georg Simmel

III. Investigations and Problems

1. Physical Contacts

2. Touch and the Primary Contacts of Intimacy

3. Primary Contacts of Acquaintanceship

4. Secondary Contacts

Bibliography: Materials for the Study of Social Contacts

Topics for Written Themes

Questions for Discussion


I. Introduction

1. The Concept of Interaction

2. Classification of the Materials

II. Materials

A. Society as Interaction

1. The Mechanistic Interpretation of Society.

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