The Master of Mysteries

Being an Account of the Problems Solved by Astro, Seer of Secrets, and His Love Affair with Valeska Wynne, His Assistant

Author: Gelett Burgess
Published: 1912
Language: English
Wordcount: 127,179 / 356 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 69.5
LoC Category: PN
Series: Queen's Quorum
Downloads: 3,261
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This collection of short mysteries follows Astro, a man posing as a psychic detective who is, in fact, just a keen observer and student of human nature. Originally published anonymously, you can combine the first letter in each of the 24 short stories to get the following message: "The Author is Gelett Burgess"

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rs, and was doubtless that of a gentleman in reduced circumstances. In the trousers pocket was found a bunch of keys, a small sum of money, and a two-hundred-year calendar. No marks indicating foul play were discovered on the body, which is awaiting identification at the morgue."

"That corresponds in a general way with the description of Hudson that his wife gave me," said Astro. "She had no photograph of him taken within the last twenty years. There's a chance that it may be he, in which case it looks to me like murder; but I'll have to go down to the morgue and see, anyway, on account of the calendar. I think you'd better let me do that alone, while you try to discover something about this 'Dentabella' girl. Come back here as soon as you have located her."

No one would have recognized in the smart, stylishly dressed man who emerged from the studio a half-hour later, the languid picturesque Master of Mysteries, Astro the Seer. He walked briskly along, his eyes eager and alert to every impr


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Not bad - though they're not really mysteries in the "you can solve" them sense, the way the stories are linked into a larger narrative is fairly entertaining.

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