Cecilia, Memoirs of an Heiress, vol 2

Author: Fanny Burney (Madame d'Arblay)
Published: 1782
Language: English
Wordcount: 110,051 / 319 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 43.4
LoC Category: CT
Downloads: 1,309
mnybks.net#: 1381
Origin: gutenberg.org

was not so engrossed by them as to behold with indifference a scene of such unjustifiable extravagance; it contributed to render her thoughtful and uneasy, and to deprive her of all mental power of participating in the gaiety of the assembly. Mr Arnott was yet more deeply affected by the mad folly of the scheme, and received from the whole evening no other satisfaction than that which a look of sympathetic concern from Cecilia occasionally afforded him.

Till nine o'clock no company appeared, except Sir Robert Floyer, who stayed from dinner time, and Mr Morrice, who having received an invitation for the evening, was so much delighted with the permission to again enter the house, that he made use of it between six and seven o'clock, and before the family had left the dining parlour. He apologized with the utmost humility to Cecilia for the unfortunate accident at the Pantheon; but as to her it had been productive of nothing but pleasure, by exciting in young Delvile the most flattering alarm for her safety,


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Cris Silva

What a surprise!!!

I really was amazed at the end of this book, because I consider the author ideas so modern, even nowadays, but as to my surprise, this wasn't the very end, it was in fact, just the end of the first volume!! Funny? Hahhaha... Yeah!!

This is Fanny Burney, and she has a way to catch the reader's atention that it's so difficult to stop reading it!! Now I'm at the end of the third volume and I may confess that is so worth reading, I'm looking forward to see what's going to happen!!

I have read that Fanny Burney had inspired Jane Austen and it's easy to see, by reading her work, this is true! They are really so much alike! As for Jane's fans all those 3 volumes are very delightful and important piece of literature indeed!!

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