Tarzan the Untamed

Published: 1920
Language: English
Wordcount: 109,177 / 274 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 43.1
LoC Categories: PS, PZ
Series: Tarzan
Downloads: 7,890
mnybks.net#: 1409
Origin: gutenberg.org

Tells of Tarzan's return to the life of the ape-man in his search for vengeance on those who took from him his wife and home.

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ization meant to Tarzan of the Apes a curtailment of freedom in all its aspects--freedom of action, freedom of thought, freedom of love, freedom of hate. Clothes he abhorred--uncomfortable, hideous, confining things that reminded him somehow of bonds securing him to the life he had seen the poor creatures of London and Paris living. Clothes were the emblems of that hypocrisy for which civilization stood--a pretense that the wearers were ashamed of what the clothes covered, of the human form made in the semblance of God. Tarzan knew how silly and pathetic the lower orders of animals appeared in the clothing of civilization, for he had seen several poor creatures thus appareled in various traveling shows in Europe, and he knew, too, how silly and pathetic man appears in them since the only men he had seen in the first twenty years of his life had been, like himself, naked savages. The ape-man had a keen admiration for a well-muscled, well-proportioned body, whether lion, or antelope, or man, and it had ever bee


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This book together with the next one is on par with the first two books of the Tarzan series! Tarzan was the first book I ever read by myself, and # 7 and 8 are in my opinion the best of the series by far. Thereafter the others are unrelated tales, but still entertaining. If you read any of these books, make sure you read these two...

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