Keeping Fit All the Way

How to Obtain and Maintain Health, Strength and Efficiency

Author: Walter Camp
Published: 1919
Language: English
Wordcount: 27,697 / 89 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 75.4
LoC Category: LB
Downloads: 4,340
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Genre: Health

The author preaches the gospel of health, strength, efficiency, and happiness to middle-aged men, a class numbering over eight million members in this country alone. He points out the danger to health and the economic loss consequent up on a man's allowing himself to get out of good physical condition, and he tells him how he may recover his impaired vitality and begin again to enjoy life, yes, and to do big things in life.

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and calls in his physician. He does not pick up. Now, for the first time, he hears from the doctor words that he has caught occasionally about men far older than himself--"blood pressure." But he he is under fifty! The doctor says he must go slower. Now begins a dreary round indeed! He has never learned to go slow! He is an old man at fifty. If lucky, he has made money. But what is the price? He has found precious little fun in those fifteen or twenty years since he was a boy. Of course he has had his high living, his motor, his late hours. His cigars have been good, but he has never enjoyed them so much as he did the old pipe at camp. His dinners and late suppers can't compare with the fish and bacon of the woods.

What a fool he has been!

Perhaps he has caught himself in time. If so he is in luck and Nature may partially forgive him and give him a chance to "come back." He is well scared and he means to be good. But the scare wears off, and then, too, "business" presses him on again. And final


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