The Black Candle

Author: Janey Canuck (Emily F. Murphy)
Published: 1922
Language: English
Wordcount: 91,730 / 270 pg
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Genre: Non-fiction
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A series of articles in Maclean's magazine formed the basis of this book. Using extensive anecdotes and “expert” opinion, the Black Candle depicts an alarming picture of drug abuse in Canada, detailing Murphy’s understanding of the use and effects of opium, cocaine, and pharmaceuticals, as well as a “new menace,” “marihuana.” --Wikipedia

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in order that they may prepare for and intelligently cope with the menace, even as they are doing with the liquor traffic.

Among the other classes mentioned, we are indebted to a few officials who are concerned deeply, and who are eager for a vigorous policy of suppression on the part of the Federal Government. May their tribe live and increase!


The Traffic.

"Brute skeletons surround thee here,

And dead men's bones in smoke and mold."--Faust.

When we come to examine the Reports of the Inland Revenue Department, the Board of Health at Ottawa, and to read Hansard and the Blue Books, we find a wealth of data that is absolutely reliable, upon the narcotic drug traffic.

Here we ascertain that, until six months ago, when certain drastic restrictions were made, the magnitude of the drug traffic in Canada was admittedly appalling.

In the year 1912, only 35 ounces of cocaine were imported into this countr

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