Spinifex and Sand

Published: 1898
Language: English
Wordcount: 124,901 / 357 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 61.2
LoC Category: G
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The following pages profess to be no more than a faithful narrative of five years spent on the goldfields and in the far interior of Western Australia. Any one looking for stirring adventures, hairbreadth escapes from wild animals and men, will be disappointed.

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h a hession partition dividing it into office and living room, the latter a hopeless chaos of cards, candle ends, whiskey bottles, blankets, safe keys, gold specimens, and cooking utensils. The bank manager had evidently been entertaining a little party of friends the previous night, and though its hours had passed, and a new day had dawned, the party still continued. Since that time it has been my lot to witness more than one such evening of festivity!

On leaving Southern Cross we travelled with another company of adventurers, one of whom, Mr. Davies, an old Queensland squatter, was our partner in several subsequent undertakings.

The monotony of the flat timber-clad country was occasionally relieved by the occurrence of large isolated hills of bare granite. But for these the road, except for camels, could never have been kept open; for they represented our sources of water supply. On the surface of the rocks numerous holes and indentations are found, which after rain, hold water, and besides th


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Marie Bruemmer

This is a very interesting book, if, like myself, you know nothing about the Australian gold rush, nor how difficult it was to cross the Australian interior. The only negative about this book is how prejudiced they all were against the Aborigines; they would capture one to show them where the water holes were, for example. But that said, it really is an exciting read.

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