The Lady with the Dog, and Other Stories

Tales of Chekhov, vol 3, The

Author: Anton Chekhov
Language: English
Wordcount: 72,495 / 208 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 73
LoC Category: PQ
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The Lady With The Dog -- A Doctor's Visit -- An Upheaval -- Ionitch -- The Head Of The Family -- The Black Monk -- Volodya -- An Anonymous Story -- The Husband.

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ay. When she had got into a compartment of the express, and when the second bell had rung, she said:

"Let me look at you once more . . . look at you once again. That's right."

She did not shed tears, but was so sad that she seemed ill, and her face was quivering.

"I shall remember you . . . think of you," she said. "God be with you; be happy. Don't remember evil against me. We are parting forever --it must be so, for we ought never to have met. Well, God be with you."

The train moved off rapidly, its lights soon vanished from sight, and a minute later there was no sound of it, as though everything had conspired together to end as quickly as possible that sweet delirium, that madness. Left alone on the platform, and gazing into the dark distance, Gurov listened to the chirrup of the grasshoppers and the hum of the telegraph wires, feeling as though he had only just waked up. And he thought, musing, that there had been another episode or adventure in his life, and it, too, was at an


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These stories were excellent! I love Chekhov, the characters he creates are still as relevent today as they were when he wrote them. Stories of love, of what living is about, as well as the weakness of character and the descent into bitterness. I liked some stories more than others, but it's hard to pick a favourite

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