The Priest, The Woman and The Confessional

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Author: Father Chiniquy
Published: 1875
Language: English
Wordcount: 55,753 / 164 pg
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se things which the infallible voice of God, united to the no less infallible voice of her womanly honour and self-respect, tell her never to reveal to any man!

The history of that secret, fierce, desperate, and deadly struggle has never yet, so far as I know, been fully given. It would draw the tears of admiration and compassion of the whole world, if it could be written with its simple, sublime, and terrible realities.

How many times I have wept as a child when some noble-hearted and intelligent young girl, or some respectable married woman, yielding to the sophisms with which I, or some other confessor, had persuaded them to give up their self-respect, their womanly dignity, to speak with me on matters on which a decent woman would never say a word with a man! They told me of their invincible repugnance, their horror of such questions and answers, and they asked me to have pity on them. Yes! I often wept bitterly on my degradation when a priest of Rome! I felt all the strength, the grandeur,


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In this book Chiniquy has recorded, without salacious detail, his own horrific experiences in the Romish confessional. His account is entirely consistent with the numerous historical works in which the evil practices of the priesthood have been recorded.

Anyone who has studied the history of the Roman church cannot fail to be aware that it is a deplorable organisation, shot through with bloodshed and wickedness. In fact one has to conclude that Roman Catholicism is nothing but a satanic COUNTERFEIT of the true Church of Jesus Christ. (I say 'counterfeit' because outwardly it looks like the real thing and sounds like the real thing while, in fact, it is a worthless sham with nothing to commend it.) How sad that it has, for many hundreds of years, misguided and duped millions of people world-wide; so many of its innocent adherants being unaware of the evils that lie behind Popery, the Vatican and the priesthood.

Now, in 2010, more evidence of the corruption of the Vatican and the RC priesthood has come to light, confirming Chiniquy's experiences back in the 19th century. (Nothing has changed for the better!) His book should be read by Catholics and Protestants alike, so that they may be wiser and more cautious about their assessment of the priesthood and its crafty leaders.

A study of the Inquisition and the Jesuits should be sufficient to convince an open-minded person of the truth of the above statements.


This book opened my eyes. I am a 54 year old catholic women who has been wondering why I couldnt get close to my religion. Things really dont add up if you read the Bible. Now I know why they keep the Bible away from everyone. I really advise everyone to read this book. Also read about the x priest Riveria.


I HAVE read this book and warn others not to take the word of anyone against it or any other unless they have read it for themselves. You will not be judged on what another person believes, but on what you believe. The height of hypocrisy is when we allow another person to think for us. This is an excellent personal testimony of someone who loved the Lord, truth, and the Bible, historically accurate and provable, in my opinion, supported by many similar testimonies and Scripture. Read it for yourself to find out what it is about before getting "scared" off by slanderers. It encompassess a lot, covering some of the history of the US and Canada, the temperance movement, abolition, and more.

Terry H Jones

I have not read the work, and I doubt I will. However, I do known that "Father Chiniquy" was a Canadian Catholic priest who left the Church to found his own religion, called "Christian Catholics," and gained great notoriety through a series of virulently anti-Catholic works, including this one. He accused the Church of corruption and evil works, that he had had private conversations with Abarahm Lincoln who saw Rome as an evil invading power, that Lincoln's assassination was the work of conspiratorial Jesuits working through John Booth, etc. I'm not saying don't read, but as you make your way through the purple prose remember that the author had a demented and paranoid agenda.

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