Why and how: a hand-book for the use of the W.C.T. unions in Canada

Author: Addie Chisholm
Language: English
Wordcount: 20,587 / 66 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 68.9
LoC Category: LT
Downloads: 260
mnybks.net#: 1697
Origin: gutenberg.org

A Temperance hand-book.

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ndencies of intemperance, believe it has become their duty, under the providence of God, to unite their efforts for its extinction."

This is the thought that since then has nerved the W. C. T. U. women in every city, town and village of the neighboring States,-- "Appalled at the tendencies and dangers of intemperance," to combat this evil they have given their time and strength, their influence and their prayers.

For five years Mrs. Wittenmeyer presided over this society of earnest workers, and during this time contributed greatly to its success by her wise and loving counsel, endearing herself to the hearts of all.

In 1879 Miss Frances Willard was chosen president, and under her able administration and remarkable skill in leadership 100,000 women organized in unions are now marching onward to the goal of prohibition, bearing with them the hopes and prayers of many who would be in that procession if they could. We know that in the houses of many, even of the liquor sellers, sit pure women whose praye

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