Compleat Surgeon

or the Whole Art of Surgery Explain'd in a Most Familiar Method, The

Published: 1696
Language: English
Wordcount: 81,277 / 258 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 58.5
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Containing an Exact Account of Its Principles and Several Parts, viz. of the Bones, Muscles, Tumours, Ulcers, and Wounds Simple and Complicated, or Those by Gun-shot; as Also of Venereal Diseases, the Scurvy, Fractures, Luxations, and All Sorts of Chirurgical Operations; Together with Their Proper Bandages and Dressings

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What is the Derma or Skin?

It is a Net compos'd of Fibres, Veins, Arteries, Lymphatick Vessels and Nerves, which covers the whole Body to defend it from the Injuries of the Air, and to serve as a universal Emunctory: It is very thin in the Face, sticking close to the Flesh, and is pierc'd with an infinite number of imperceptible Pores, affording a Passage to insensible Transpiration.

What is the Epiderma, or Scarf-Skin?

It is a small fine Skin, transparent and insensible, having also innumerable Pores for the discharging of Sweat, and other Humours by {10} imperceptible Transpiration: It is extended over the whole inner Skin, to dull its too exquisite Sense, by covering the Extremities of the Nerves which are there terminated. It also renders the same Skin even and smooth, and so contributes very much to Beauty.

What is the Hair?

The Hairs are certain hollow Filaments planted in the Glandules of the Skin, from whence their Nourish

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