A Popular History of Astronomy During the Nineteenth Century

Fourth Edition

Author: Agnes M. Clerke
Published: 1908
Language: English
Wordcount: 208,195 / 708 pg
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Genre: History

The progress of astronomy during the last hundred years has been rapidand extraordinary. In its distinctive features, moreover, the nature ofthat progress has been such as to lend itself with facility tountechnical treatment. To this circumstance the present volume owes itsorigin. It embodies an attempt to enable the ordinary reader to follow,with intelligent interest, the course of modern astronomical inquiries,and to realize (so far as it can at present be realized) the full effectof the comprehensive change in the whole aspect, purposes, and methodsof celestial science introduced by the momentous discovery of spectrumanalysis.

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esis--Maintenance of the Sun's Heat--Meteoric Hypothesis--Radiation as an Effect of Contraction--Regenerative Theory--Faye's Scheme of Planetary Development--Origin of the Moon--Effects of Tidal Friction



Donati's Comet--The Earth again Involved in a Comet's Tail--Comets of the August and November Meteors--Star Showers--Comets and Meteors--Biela's Comet and the Andromedes--Holmes's Comet--Deflection of the Leonids--Orbits of Meteorites--Meteors with Stationary Radiants--Spectroscopic Analysis of Cometary Light--Comet of 1901--Coggia's Comet


RECENT COMETS--(continued)

Forms of Comets' Tails--Electrical Repulsion--Brédikhine's Three Types--Great Southern Comet--Supposed Previous Appearances--Tebbutt's Comet and the Comet of 1807--Successful Photographs--Schaeberle's Comet--Comet Wells--Sodium Blaze in Spectrum--Great Comet of 1882--Transit across the Sun--Relation to Comets of 1843 and 1880--Cometary Systems--Spectra

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