In Search of El Dorado

Author: Harry Collingwood (William Joseph Cosens Lancaster)
Published: 1915
Language: English
Wordcount: 92,674 / 268 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 71
LoC Category: PR
Downloads: 1,504
Added to site: 2007.10.22 18645
Genre: Adventure

people confronting him had turned, and, in a half-hearted, hesitant way, were drifting back toward the entrance of the deck-house, although the greater part of them seemed disposed to follow the burly man's example and remain where they were until authoritatively assured that all was well with the ship. It was during this momentary lull that a brass-buttoned steward came nimbly down the ladder before which Cavendish was standing, and said to him:

"Purser's compliments, sir, and would you be so good as to tell the second-class passengers that, on account of their bein' disturbed by the ship hittin' a lump of ice, and turnin' out in the cold, tea, coffee, and hot soup is bein' served in the dinin'-room to warm 'em up a bit before they goes to their beds."

"Right-o!" answered Dick. "I will inform them at once. Ladies and gentlemen," he continued, "lest you should not all have heard the message which the steward has just delivered, let me repeat it. It is a message from the purser to the effect that


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Average Rating of 3.3 from 3 reviews: ****
Roy Nelson

Very good. Recomended. Some of the things and actions that take place in the city do not seem quite right, but it's a good adventure story anyhow.

javier novak

Los dos primeros capítulos son brillantes. La fauna prehistórica que los protagonistas encuentran en sudamérica está fuera de lugar en una novela de estas características; pese a ello, la historia avanza de manera fluida. Cuando finalmente los personajes llegan a la ciudad de ulua, la obra cae en un sinfín de lugares comunes para concluir con el mas pedecible de los finales. Los dos últimos capítulos son tan malos como buenos fueron los primeros.

Generosa Rader

Well told adventure story about the search for the fabled "El Dorado" city of gold in Peru. It contains the elements of "can't put this book down" adventure stories as written by Arthur Conan Doyle and H. Rider Haggard such as many narrow escapes from death, discovery of new, huge, frightening beasts eager to devour everyone, long jungle treks without food, water, shelter, savages anxious to kill everyone on the expedition and perhaps eat them, emeralds the size of goose eggs, gigantic, beautiful man-eating flowers, and even romance. Is there a happy ending? I won't spoil the suspense by telling. This is my first Harry Collingwood book, and definitely not my last - he seems to specialize in a variety of adventure stories.

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