Corporal Cameron

of the Northwest Mounted Police

Author: Ralph Connor (Charles William Gordon)
Language: English
Wordcount: 124,690 / 360 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 92.3
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 850 1826
Genre: Adventure

A Tale of the MacLeod Trail.

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m hell, the half-back Cameron most demon-like of all, rage over the field, driving the Welshmen hither and thither at will, the gods deny them victory; it is for Wales that day!

In the retreat of their rubbing-room the gay, gallant humour which the Scots have carried with them off the field of their defeat, vanishes into gloom. Through the steaming silence a groan breaks now and then. At length a voice:

"Oh, wasn't it rotten! The rank quitter that he is!"

"Quitter? Who is? Who says so?" It was the captain's voice, sharp with passion.

"I do, Dunn. It was Cameron lost us the game. You know it, too. I know it's rotten to say this, but I can't help it. Cameron lost the game, and I say he's a rank 'quitter,' as Martin would say."

"Look here, Nesbitt," the captain's voice was quiet, but every man paused in his rubbing. "I know how sore you are and I forgive you that; but I don't want to hear from you or from any man on the team that word again. Cameron is no quitter; he made--he made an er


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Dai Alanye

Not a bad story, albeit with one of those exceedingly fine heroes one can barely stomach. Contains a pretty realistic section on farm life back in the days before power equipment and modern ideas of sanitation. A bit spoiled by an unrealistic ending, and the author makes sure to point out the superiority of Canadian to American life. (Also mentions a few of the more boring bagpipe tunes. Perhaps the author simply had poor musical taste.)

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