Miles Wallingford

Sequel to Afloat and Ashore

Published: 1863
Language: English
Wordcount: 169,656 / 469 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 83.2
LoC Category: PS
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Genre: Nautical

"Don't be in a hurry, Masser Mile," said Dido, with an eagerness that showed this ready consent was anything but what she wanted. "Dere many 'jection to Neb, when he ask to marry a young gal in Chloe sitiation. You know, sah, Chloe now Miss Grace's own waitin'-maid. Nobody else help her dress, or do anything in 'e young missus's room, dan Chloe, sheself--my darter, Chloe Clawbonny!"

Here was a new turn given to the affair! It was "like master, like man." Neb's love (or lub, for that was just the word, and just the idea, too) was no more fated to run smooth than my own; and the same objection lay against us both, viz., want of gentility! I determined to say a good word for the poor fellow, however; while it would have been exceeding the usage of the family to interfere in any other manner than by advice, in an affair of the heart.

"If Chloe is my sister's favourite servant, Dido," I remarked, "you are to remember that Neb is mine."

"Dat true, sah, and so Chloe say; but dere great difference,


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A most excellent read set in the Napoleanic era, though shot through with typo's. Has it all: romance, history, action. Previously unknown to me the extent and depth of Cooper's knowledge on various subjects including wood ships and European navies, aspects of romance and human behavior and emotion, others.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

R Stephan

As the sequel to Afloat and Ashore you get thrown right in the stream where the first part broke off. After the conclusion of Miles' family affairs, expect some new heavy seafaring action and the finish of this excellent two-volume story.

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