Out of the Silence

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Author: Erle Cox
Published: 1919
Language: English
Wordcount: 112,606 / 308 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 81.8
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 1,949
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A country farmer uncovers remnants of an advanced civilization that contain a woman, asleep in suspended animation for two thousand years. Upon awakening the woman Earani teleports herself into the office of the Australian Prime Minister and reveals her plans to take over the world -- through mind control!

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mmand of the High Council. I have the honour to present Andax, Earani and Mardon."

From an official at the foot of the dais came the command. "Enter, Andax, Earani and Mardon and learn the will of the most honourable High Council."

As the three walked slowly down the long passage all of the spectators rose and remained standing until they paused, bowing before the dais. Not until the murmur and rustle of the great gathering ceased after they had resumed their seats, did the President stand and come to the edge of the dais.

Looking down on the three, he spoke slowly and with profound earnestness. "My children, it has pleased the creator of our planet to permit the destruction of all who dwell upon its surface. That moment, long foretold, is upon us. But in the hope that all of the achievements of our race for the happiness of humanity may not vanish utterly with them, we have resolved on an expedient whereby they may hand down the wisdom of our race to that, which, in the fullness of time,


Average Rating of 4 from 6 reviews: ****
Henry L. Ratliff

Plot bullets

  • What silence? The silence of a sleep of 27 million years.

  • A man finds a sphere buried on his property in Australia.

  • There are many mysteries inside.

  • There are wonderful things to admire.

  • There are things and ideas to dread.

  • There is a woman to worship.

R Stephan

Refreshing, well-written and well-thought out SF novel with a classic subject. I didn't notice it was soo old, and that proves it all works also without nukes, computers, or the internet. Yes, we all found the ending too short but that's how it is, guys, you know what I mean. It's perfectly in line with the story.

Now, why don't give I full points? It's the dispute about progress' victims. Because we have no power of decision, and because we do something so that the number of victims is minimized, we are not guilty. And a possible alien that introduces progress and does something to minimize its victims isn't either. That's why the book has a stupid spot in spite of all the superior intelligence.


This was a good read. He was definitely ahead of his time describing "future technology".


Well worth the read. The referenced technology was way ahead of its time.

A consistent and easy read from start to finish. The end is a bit abrupt.


This book never got my interest and I gave up after 70 pages. This book was serialized, so it must have been liked by a lot of people in its day. I suggest if you read this you skim the first 1/3, maybe then it gets a lot better.

Chris O'Neil

A masterpiece. Looked it up after reading and this book turns out to have been published in Australia, UK and USA by popular demand at the time.

Reviled by many as racist (the bad guys practice eugenics) it is also sexist but apparently that went by the board in 1914.

Refreshingly Australian. Wide-screen Lost-World/Time Travel/hard SF. Very well written.

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