Tales of the Road

Published: 1905
Language: English
Wordcount: 88,597 / 225 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 89
LoC Category: G
Downloads: 456
mnybks.net#: 1960
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The experiences of a traveling salesman.

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ge," said I, "but there is one thing for sure: You will not see me back here again for a year; it would be a crime for anyone to take an order from you during that time. And when I do come I want all of your business, or none; you haven't enough for three, or even for two. You can buy no more than you can sell to your customers, unless you go broke some day. Your interest and my interest are the same. In truth, I stand on the same side of the counter as you do. It is to my interest to treat you right. My firm is merely the one from which you and I together select your goods. Ought I not to see that they give you the right things at the right prices? If I treat you right, and my firm does not, you will follow me to another; if I treat you wrong I'll lose both your confidence and my job."

That man today gives me all of his business; I got him by being square.

By being over-conscientious, however, a salesman sometimes will not let his customer buy enough. This is frequently to the disadvan


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David Sneed

Tales of the Road is of a genre that should be required reading for anyone doing business anywhere and with any product. It has the essence plus more of everything that is in all the other business books put together. This is a piece of American heritage that should not be lost.

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