A History of Roman Literature

from the Earliest Period to the Death of Marcus Aurelius

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The Reigns of Hadrian and the Antonines (117-180 A.D.).

Era of African Latinity--Differs from the Silver Age--Hadrian's poetry --Suetonius--His life--List of writings--Lives of the Caesars--His account of Nero's death--Florus--Salvius Julianus and Sextus Pomponius--Fronto-- His relations with Aurelius--List of his works--Gellius--Gaius--Poems of the period--_Pervigilium Veneris_--Apuleius--_De Magia_--Metamorphoses or Golden Ass--Cupid and Psyche--His philosophical works.


_State of Philosophical and Religious Thought during the Period of the Antonines--Conclusion_.

Greek eloquence revives in the Sophists--Itinerant rhetors--Cynic preachers of virtue--The better class of popular philosophers--Dio Chrysostom--Union of philosophy and rhetoric--Greek now the language of general literature--Reconciliation of philosophy with religion--The Platonist school--Apuleius--Doctrine of daemons--Decline of

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