The Lamplighter

Published: 1854
Language: English
Wordcount: 149,638 / 427 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 81
LoC Category: PS
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The story of Gerty and Uncle True, contained in the first fifteen chapters, will always make the book a favorite. Many a mother will read to her little one the story of the old fashioned lamplighter, whom they never see, but whose mysterious appearance children used to watch, as with torch and ladder he appeared in the gathering darkness, and slowly climbed one post after another, lighting up the dim oil lamps through the street, until he disappeared at the farthest corner. With the death of the lamplighter, the narrative begins to dim, although the mysterious Mr. Phillips and odd Miss Patty Pace are marked characters, which relieve somewhat the mass of people, who seem only introduced to prolong the story. Finely drawn scenes are scattered here and there, and the story only escapes being exciting, by a want of skillful arrangement and condensation.

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grew older. She had seen life's roughest side, and had always been a hard-working woman. Her husband was a carpenter, but she made his house so uncomfortable, that for years he had followed the sea. She took in washing, and had a few boarders; by which she earned what might have been an ample support for herself, had it not been for her son, a disorderly young man, spoilt in early life by his mother's management, and who, though a skilful workman, squandered his own and a large part of his mother's earnings. Nan had reason for keeping Gerty, though they were not so strong as to prevent her often being inclined to get rid of the encumbrance.



"Mercy and love have met thee on thy road, Thou wretched outcast!" --WORDSWORTH.

Gerty had had her kitten about a month, when she took a violent cold from exposure to damp and rain; and Nan, fearing she should have trouble with her if she became seriously ill, bade

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