Laura Secord, the Heroine of 1812

A Drama and Other Poems

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ively warm, and I dreaded at the time that she must suffer in health in consequence of fatigue and anxiety, she having been exposed to danger from the enemy, through whose line of communication she had to pass. The attempt was made on my detachment by the enemy, and his detachment, consisting of upwards of 500 men, with a field-piece and fifty dragoons, was captured in consequence. I write this certificate in a moment of much hurry and from memory, and it is, therefore, thus brief.


"Formerly Lieutenant in the 49th Regiment."

It is well to consider this great achievement of Mrs. Secord carefully, that we may be the better able to realize the greatness of the feat. To assist in so doing, it will not be amiss to quote the following, from Coffin's Chronicles of the War, bearing on the prudential reasons of Proctor's retreat at Moravian Town. "But whether for advance or for retreat, the by-paths of the forest intermediate were such as the macadamized an


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This play is a good dipiction of how theatre was used to promote Canadian heroism and identity during colonization. Although I found that it made Laura Secords journey seem like a more like she was prancing through the meadows then trecking 32km through the wilderness, Curzon's dipiction of the female hero did reflect her strong feminist views.

Although this play may not be deamed as great by todays standards it is an excellent example of colonial Canadain theatre.

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