Tieck's Essay on the Boydell Shakspere Gallery

Published: 1912
Language: English
Wordcount: 18,096 / 61 pg
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Genre: Non-fiction

As Tieck's letters show a profuse use of the word caricature, he need not be especially indeted to the Anzeigen for it.

"Richard III," I, 1, G. G. A., 1791, page 1795. Here Tieck's borrowing is direct. G. G. A.: "Eine schlechte Composition, ohne Ausdruck." Tieck, page 27: "Die Composition ist schlecht, alle Figuren sind ohne Ausdruck." G. G. A.: "Eine Menge Reflexe, Wiederscheine s. w. aber alles dieses macht keine Wirkung, und das Auge findet keinen Ruhepunkt." Tieck, page 28: "und sucht durch unendlich viele Wiederscheine ... dass das Auge bei den vielen Lichtmassen gar keine Ruhe findet." But again, besides these verbal and associational paralels, Tieck has added a free treatment of the composition, an examination of the drawing of the figures, of which there is no hint in the model and, all in all, makes the criticism his own. The impulse certainly came from the Anzeigen, but the whole critique is a product of Tieck's self.

"Richard III," IV, 3, G. G. A., 1791, page 1795:

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