A Friend of Caesar

A Tale of the Fall of the Roman Republic. Time, 50-47 B.C.

Published: 1900
Language: English
Wordcount: 151,735 / 441 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 74.1
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If this book serves to show that Classical Life presented many phases akin to our own, it will not have been written in vain.

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long friend, Caius Cornelius Lentulus; and ere leaving for the campaign the two had formed a compact quite in keeping with the stern Roman spirit that made the child the slave of the father: Young Quintus Drusus should marry Cornelia, Lentulus's only child, as soon as the two came to a proper age. And so the friends went away to win glory in Gaul; to perish side by side, when Sabinus's ill-fated legion was cut off by the Eburones.[15]

[13] Every Roman had a prænomen, or "Christian name"; also a gentile name of the gens or clan to which he belonged; and commonly in addition a cognomen, usually an epithet descriptive of some personal peculiarity of an ancestor, which had fastened itself upon the immediate descendants of that ancestor. The Livii Drusi were among the noblest of the Roman houses.

[14] Died in 91 B.C.

[15] In 54 B.C.

The son and the daughter remained. Quintus Drusus had had kindly guardians; he had been sent for four years to the "University" at A

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