The Ghosts of Earth

Author: Paul Dore
Published: 2009
Language: English
Wordcount: 175,214 / 498 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 43.2
LoC Category: PR
Downloads: 2,312
Added to site: 2009.07.28 24829
License: by-nc-nd

The Ghosts of Earth is the first book of the Truthfarer series which describes the beginnings of a universe - the origins of space and time, and of consciousness itself. These cataclysmic events set in train the Truthfarers’ quest, and the account of their journey Homewards. This history follows the adventures of two of these beings as they travel from the skies of an ancient planet to the realm of the gods, and then onwards to the freezing landscape of a new world, before finally encountering the subterranean regions of the Gaki. These creatures are a strange race indeed, inexorably driven by an insatiable hunger towards madness, to an insanity that holds within itself the key to the next stage of their path towards ultimate knowledge.

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easing differentiation and specialisation. Within the oceans drifted embryonic predators, evolving in ceaseless competition and, with greater food reserves, growing ever larger, as they propagated, struggled and died in the agonizing contest for life.

Thus did these matters unfold as the planet and its sun, indeed the whole system, sped through immeasurable space. And then, from out of its depths, came nemesis; a massive rock that had been hurtling towards this point in space and time for millions upon millions of years, to keep finally its fateful and violent appointment. Mass collided with mass, and the whole was reduced instantaneously to a frame of flaming debris, which exploded back into the night, each fragment bearing its own lone message into the void.

Again and again, across the empty reaches of space, in millions upon millions of galaxies, on worlds more numerous than the sands of a billion seashores, life struggled to gain a foothold in this all but sterile wasteland, relentlessly bea

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