The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Published: 1894
Language: English
Wordcount: 87,834 / 247 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 71.3
LoC Category: PR
Series: Sherlock Holmes
Downloads: 47,266 2295

Eleven classic tales of deduction: Silver Blaze The Yellow Face The Stock-Broker's Clerk The Gloria Scott The Musgrave Ritual The Reigate Puzzle The Crooked Man The Resident Patient The Greek Interpreter The Naval Treaty The Final Problem

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ppreciated their relative importance, nor their connection to each other.

"Is it not possible," I suggested, "that the incised wound upon Straker may have been caused by his own knife in the convulsive struggles which follow any brain injury?"

"It is more than possible; it is probable," said Holmes. "In that case one of the main points in favor of the accused disappears."

"And yet," said I, "even now I fail to understand what the theory of the police can be."

"I am afraid that whatever theory we state has very grave objections to it," returned my companion. "The police imagine, I take it, that this Fitzroy Simpson, having drugged the lad, and having in some way obtained a duplicate key, opened the stable door and took out the horse, with the intention, apparently, of kidnapping him altogether. His bridle is missing, so that Simpson must have put this on. Then, having left the door open behind him, he was leading the horse away over the moor, when he was either met or overtaken by t


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This short story collection includes "The 'Gloria Scott,' " notable as the first case ever tackled by the young Sherlock Holmes. Also "The Musgrave Ritual" and "The Final Problem." * An excellent volume!

* Spoiler alert: if you don't know the plot of "The Final Problem," do not read the other reviews.


Simply excellent.

Michael A.

The original and early Sherlock Holmes-mysteries are just about the finest, you can find in mystery-writing. The dry Holmes and his happy-go-lucky friend out on adventures. Silver Blaze, the killer horse, the musgrave ritual; which is mystery and deduction at its finest - and of course, The final Problem. Where Sherlock Holmes dies.

Later he returns, but for many, these stories, before his first disappearence are the true Sherlock-mysteries.

It is grand reading.


More great short stories, including the dramatic face-off with Dr Moriarty.

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