The Greylock

Author: Georg Ebers
Language: English
Wordcount: 16,747 / 53 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 68
LoC Category: PN
Downloads: 1,169 2430

that it pleased him now to sit peacefully on his throne, and he did his best to be worthy of the honours which the fairy had conferred upon him. After he had learned the duties of a ruler from A to Z, he returned to Germany to woo his cousin Walpurga. He led her back to his palace, and for many years they governed the beautiful land together. All of the five sons which his wife bore to him, came into the world with the grey lock. They all grew to be brave men and loyal subjects of their father, whom they served faithfully in war, holding fraternally together and greatly enlarging the boundaries of his dukedom by their prowess.

A long time passed and generation after generation of the descendants of the worthy Sir Wendelin followed one another. The first-born son always bore the name of the progenitor of the family, and the fairy Clementine always appeared at the baptism. No one ever saw her; but a gentle tinkling through the palace betrayed her presence, and when that ceased, the grey lock on the in


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Lisa Carr

A not-bad fairy tale. A knight defeats a demon and frees a fairy, who guarantees happiness, etc. for all his sons born with a grey lock of hair. 15 generations later the family is royal, but somewhat decadent, and twin sons are born, one with the lock, one without. The story of their lives is the bulk of the fable.
The writing is good, and it's a better story than Burroughs' The Mad King, mainly because the magic is trivial and there are no coincidences. It's easier to believe.

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