The Jungle Fugitives

A Tale of Life and Adventure in India Including also Many Stories of American Adventure, Enterprise and Daring

Author: Edward S. Ellis (R.H. Jayne)
Published: 1903
Language: English
Wordcount: 72,412 / 206 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 73.6
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 995
Added to site: 2005.10.07 11681
Genre: Adventure

The Jungle Fugitives; Lost in the Woods; In the Nick of Time; Lost in the South Sea; An Unpleasant Companion; A Stirring Incident; Cyclones and Tornadoes; Lost in a Blizzard; Throwing the Riata; A Waterspout; An Heroic Woman; The Writing Found in a Bottle; That Hornet's Nest; A Young Hero; Overreached; A Battle in the Air; Who Shall Explain It?; A Fool of a Genius

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ith the leader several paces in advance and mounted on a rather large horse of a coal-black color. Directly behind him came one upon a bay, while a little further back rode another on a white steed. There could be no question that they were on their way to kill without mercy.

The situation was intensely trying to father and daughter. The whole party of Ghoojurs had entered the Ganges and were steadily approaching. The water was so shallow that it could be seen as it splashed about the bodies of the riders, who were talking and laughing, as if in anticipation of the enjoyment awaiting them. They preserved their single file, like so many American Indians in crossing a stream, and their last thought must have been of any possible danger that could threaten them from the three on the further bank.

The situation was becoming unbearable when the rifle cracked with a noise no louder than a Chinese cracker, and a faint puff of smoke curled upward from the muzzle of the weapon. At the same moment the Ghooju

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