Two Dyaloges (c. 1549)

Language: English
Wordcount: 9,462 / 32 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 78.9
LoC Category: PA
Downloads: 1,248
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Genre: Classic

lour or pretÍce of holynes, that is to saye when a man prayeth not frű the bothum of his hart but with the lyppes only and from the tethe outward, and that in opyn places where great resort of people is, bycause they wold be sene. But thy gospel boke teacheth the to praye contynually, but so that thy prayer come from the bothu of the hart. Poli. Yea but yet for all my sayenge I praye sumtyme. Can. When I beseche the when ye art a slepe? Poli. When it cometh in to my mynde, ones ||or twyse may chaunce in a weke. Can. what prayer sayst thou? Poliphe. The lordes prayer, the Pater noster. Canni. Howe many tymes ouer? Poli. Onis, & I trowe it is often inoughe, for the gospell forbyddeth often repetynge of one thynge. Canni. Can ye saye your pater noster through to an ende & haue youre mynde runnynge vpon nothynge elles in all that whyle? Poli. By my trouthe and ye wyll beleue me I neuer yet assayed nor proued whether I coulde do it or no. But is it not sufficient to


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The philosopher, priest and Dutch renaissance humanist Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam lived from 1466(?) till 1536. This 1549 English edition is almost impossible to read: to be able to read this volume you will need to be able to read Early Modern English. The printed edition of this booklet has 32 pages, the Kindle edition has 374 locations. For someone who can read this kind of English this book might be worth more than the 2 stars I give it.

As a sample I copy a few lines from the beginning (location 36)of this book so you can see for yourself if you'll be able to read it.

Cannius. what hunt Polipheme for here? Poliphemus.
Aske ye what I hunt for here, and yet ye se me
haue neyther dogges, dart, Jauelyn, nor huntyng
staffe. Cannius. Paraduenture ye hunt after some
praty nymphe of the couert. Poliphemus. By my
trouth and well coniectured, be holde what a
goodly pursenet, or a hay I haue here in my hande.
Cannius. Benedicite, what a straunge syght is
this, me thinke I se Bachus in a lyons skin,
Poliphemus with a boke in his hande. This is a
dogge in a doblet, a sowe with a sadle, of all
that euer I se it is a non decet.

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