Writing the Photoplay

A Complete Manual of Instrction in the Nature, Writing, and Marketing of the Moving-Picture Play

Co-author: Arthur Leeds
Published: 1913
Language: English
Wordcount: 103,154 / 313 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 46.8
LoC Category: Z
Downloads: 636
Added to site: 2006.03.04
mnybks.net#: 13056
Origin: gutenberg.org

As its title indicates, this book aims to teach the theory and practice of photoplay construction. This we shall attempt by first pointing out its component parts, and then showing how these parts are both constructed and assembled so as to form a strong, well-built, attractive and salable manuscript.

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uthor learns that secret, he, too, is an untrained writer--of photoplays, and his "prices" will suffer accordingly.

[Illustration: Producing a Big Scene in the Selig Yard. See Cameras on the Right]

[Illustration: Film-Drying Room in a Film Factory. The Films are Rolled Around the Racks which are Suspended from the Ceiling and in the Hands of the Operators. Moist Warm Air is Introduced through the Large Pipes]

Now, however, after both have acquired this knowledge of screen requirements, the trained fiction writer and the untrained photoplay writer cease to be on common ground. The writer of novels and short-stories has the advantage of years of--training, is the best word, meaning, in the present instance, both experience and special education. He has a tutored imagination; he has the plot-habit; he has an eye trained to picture dramatic situations; he sees the possibilities for a strong, appealing story in an incident in everyday life that to ninety-nine other people would be merely an in

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