Baháulláh and the New Era

Author: J.E. Esslemont
Published: 1937
Language: English
Wordcount: 96,686 / 293 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 54.5
LoC Categories: BL, BP
Downloads: 898
Added to site: 2006.09.17 14775
Genres: Religion, Post-1930

al life of men has become degenerate and their morals corrupt, that most wonderful and mysterious of men, the Prophet, makes His appearance. Alone against the world, without a single human being capable of teaching, of guiding, of fully understanding Him, or of sharing His responsibility, He arises, like a seer among blind men, to proclaim His gospel of righteousness and truth.

Amongst the Prophets some stand out with special preeminence. Every few centuries a great Divine Revealer--a Krishna, a Zoroaster, a Moses, a Jesus, a Muhammad--appears in the East, like a spiritual Sun, to illumine the darkened minds of men and awaken their dormant souls. Whatever our views as to the relative greatness of these religion-founders we must admit that They have been the most potent factors in the education of mankind. With one accord these Prophets declare that the words They utter are not from Themselves, but are a Revelation through Them, a Divine message of which They are the bearers. Their recorded utterances a

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