St. Elmo

Published: 1866
Language: English
Wordcount: 178,920 / 509 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 44
LoC Category: PN
Downloads: 452 2522
Genre: Romance

wn up, in ancient classic Caryatides attitude; and, pausing a moment beside the spring, stood fronting the great golden dawn--watching for the first level ray of the coming sun, and chanting the prayer of Habakkuk. Behind her in silent grandeur towered the huge outline of Lookout Mountain, shrouded at summit in gray mist; while centre and base showed dense masses of foliage, dim and purplish in the distance--a stern cowled monk of the Cumberland brotherhood. Low hills clustered on either side, but immediately in front stretched a wooded plain, and across this the child looked at the flushed sky, rapidly brightening into fiery and blinding radiance. Until her wild song waked echoes among the far-off rocks, the holy hush of early morning had rested like a benediction upon the scene, as though nature laid her broad finger over her great lips, and waited in reverent silence the advent of the sun. Morning among the mountains possessed witchery and glories which filled the heart of the girl with adoration, and call


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Farida Shakeer

I need this book St Elmo
by Augusta J. Evans - 1866
in Hard Cover.
Read it in High School 40 yrs ago.
A wonderful Romance Book.

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