Rural Health and Welfare

Published: 1900
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ed with wealth.

Chart No. I

Fluctuation of Farms and Farm Interests since 1850

At the top is shown the relative size of farms at the close of each census period, with the number of acres tilled and untilled. The lower part of the chart shows the changes in different farm interests, especially in the amount and character of capital employed and the number of people engaged in agriculture. Assuming the conditions of 1850 to be par, the increase or decrease is shown for each kind of live stock, the number of farms, the total farm population, and the number of farm managers, as well as the valuation of real estate and of live stock. To illustrate, take No. 4, the number of cattle, excluding the cows. In 1860 there were 1.5 times as many as in 1850. In 1870, on account of the consumption and disturbance of the war, the number was reduced to 1.4 times as many. In 1880 there were more than 2.3 times as many, and in 1890 there were 3.48 times as many. In a few instances the estimate for

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