Haunted Lives

A Novel

Published: 1869
Language: English
Wordcount: 68,401 / 190 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 66.8
LoC Category: PQ
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but just leave herself in my bands, d'ye see? and I thought I should have an opportunity of talking to her a little, for I don't know what view she takes, or what she means to do; do you?"

"I have not an idea," Charles answered, truly.

They want her to let him out -- they have some object, of course -- but I don't see anything we can gain by keeping him in prison. There's that little property in France, it must be trifling, for they say he has very little to live on, and is ready to hang himself, poor devil!"

Charles Mannering did not know much about De Beaumirail. He knew, however, that the Gray family had suffered in more ways than one by his misconduct, and that he was, in the opinion of that family, at least, a very unredeemed mauvais sujet. He had lain in prison now for more than three years, refusing to give up some small property which his creditors could not themselves reach. It was in some respects a pitiable case. A young man who had figured some years ago brilliantly i


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H L Ratliff

This is only the first volume of three. Currently, you will have to go to Project Gutenberg for the other two volumes of this novel.

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