Black Bartlemy's Treasure

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Author: Jeffery Farnol
Published: 1920
Language: English
Wordcount: 116,210 / 321 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 69.6
LoC Category: PR
Series: Black Bartlemy
Downloads: 8,329 2549

Martin Conisby, embittered by his five years of slavery on the Spanish galleon Esmeralda, escapes during a sea fight and makes his way back to England, determined to avenge himself on Richard Brandon, who was the cause of his father's death and his own ill-treatment. Broken in body and spirit, he arrives home just in time to save from the hands of robbers a beautiful girl, Lady Joan Brandon, the daughter of the man whom he has sworn to punish. In a tavern he meets a pal, Adam Penfeather, who unfolds to him the story of Black Bartlemy, an infamous pirate, and his treasure buried on an island--treasure of fabuous value that has been the dream and hope of roving adventurers along the Spanish Main for many years.

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one o' they Spanish hells afore now --so I held my fire till yon devil's craft came nigh cutting me asunder--and marcy hath its limits. Timothy Spence o' the "Tiger", master, is me, homeward bound for the Port of London, and by this fight am short five good men. But you're a proper big 'un. Go for'ard to the bo'sun, you shall know him by reason that he lacketh his starboard yere. Ask him for clothes to cover thy nakedness, lad, and--Oho, there goeth yon devil's craft--!" Turning as he spoke I saw the sharp bows of the "Esmeralda" lift and lift, high and higher, and, with a long-drawn gurgling roar, the great galleass plunged down stern foremost, burying her shame and misery from the eyes of man for evermore.

Thus then I sailed with Master Timothy Spence aboard the "Tiger," a free man after five years of anguish.



It was a night of tempest with rain and wind, a great wild wind that shouted mightily n


Average Rating of 4 from 13 reviews: ****
The Yuletide Kid

Jeffery Farnol's Black Bartlemy's Treasure and Martin Conisby's Vengeance are my favourite swashbuckling novels for all the reasons the other reviewers have enumerated. I would, however, like to add that Farnol wrote a prequel twenty years after the fact called Adam Penfeather, Buccaneer. It too is a marvellous read. Adam Penfeather is in a league with Long John Silver.


no review


Here's action and romance with a good dose of each, swashbuckling at its finest.

Plan on reading Martin Conisby's Vengeance, which is the sequel to this novel. Otherwise you will find yourself with unresolved story strands dangling from your Kindle.


A former nobleman is obsessed with his quest for vengeance for having been unjustly sentenced to a term of slavery on a Spanish galleon. Circumstances lead him to take up with a band of pirates seeking hidden treasure, and although vengeance must be delayed his obsession continues to drive his every action.

The romantic interest is well written and enhances the story nicely. A downside to the novel is the protagonist's obsession and self-destructive behavior constantly being used as the vehicle to move the plot forward. This wears thin after awhile - but still a very good read.


Like many if not all of farnol\'s works,the book is an exellent read but even better is the sequel.There is but one unforgivable disappoint in the follow up,which is the death of the notorious but lovesick Joanna.Someone must make movies of these great works in writing.


A pirate story and romance. Well written and full of adventure. This is the only Farnol book I’ve read that didn’t end in joy and true love, but am now going to read the follow-up book “Martin Coisby’s Vengeance” which I’m hoping will take the story to a happy ending.


This book and the sequel are real movie stuff like Pirates of the Caribbean. I wonder why they have not made a movie so far.

Mr Kindle

I first came across this book as a radio play, which i enjoyed very much. The book too is excellent and very enjoyable, The "Olde Worlde" style is quite hard to follow at times but is well worth persevering and the rewards are great.Will read the follow up book "Martin Conisby's Revenge" in the near future.


This is a real page turner even though it is hard to follow at first because of the authors use of "pirate lingo", He later abandons that altogether making for an entertaining story of the high seas and and era long since past. Well worth reading.

Martin Gosling

This is a superb tale and deserves to be republished together with the sequel, Martin Conisby's Vengeance. The way in which Farnol transforms the initial wish for revenge into a feeling of love and respect is beautifully handled. The conflicting love interests are also well told. A pity that adolescents are not reared on this sort of thing anymore. (Pity too that you have named the heroin wrongly - she is Lady JOAN Brandon.

Patrick Moore

Good book. Well Written. Keeps you wanting more. Very exciting story. Good themes of redemption and love too.


goed boek


intrested on the story.

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