Suggestions to the Jews

for improvement in reference to their charities, education, and general government

Author: Henry Faudel
Published: 1844
Language: English
Wordcount: 9,948 / 37 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 39.3
LoC Category: HV
Downloads: 356
Added to site: 2009.07.26 24812
Genre: Non-fiction

om your high places; for by opening the minds of the ignorant you teach them to laugh to scorn the sophisms of conversionists, and enable them to judge better of their religion and THEMSELVES. Unite yourselves then, ye pastors; cry aloud, "There is a feeling of hope stirring among the Jews--they seek for instruction, let us help them!" Address your exertions to inform those who know less than yourselves--and you will have the inestimable satisfaction of perceiving that the precepts of morality and virtue will make their way with redoubled force to the hearts and understandings of your hearers; that you will be enabled to impart to all, whatever religion affords of hope and consolation and gladness; cheering the afflicted in the hour of his adversity--proving to the doubting spirit that "truth and good are one," and, in the exercise of your sacred functions on unclouded minds,

"Allure to brighter worlds and lead the way."

In the prosecution of this scheme many advantages are offered, whi

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