The Weathercock

Being the Adventures of a Boy with a Bias

Language: English
Wordcount: 96,286 / 281 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 87.9
LoC Category: PR
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Genre: Young Readers

Boys of every age will enjoy the story which has been so naturally weaved about the lives of its various characters, and will follow with eagerness their numerous mishaps and adventures.

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d he went into the hall where Eliza Jane, the doctor's housemaid, was whisking a feather-brush about, over picture-frames, and ornaments, curiosities from different parts of the world, and polishing the hall table. From this she flew to the stand and caught up the hat brush with which she attacked the different hats on the pegs, speaking over her shoulder at Vane in a rapid way as she went on.

"Now, don't you ask me to do anything, Master Vane, because I'm all behind, and your aunt's made the tea and waiting for you, and your uncle will be back directly, for he has only gone down the garden for a walk, and to pick up the fallen peaches."

"Wasn't going to ask you to do anything," was the reply.

"But you've been asking cook to do something, and a nice fantigue she'll be in. She was bad enough before. I wouldn't have such a temper for all the money in the Bank of England. What have you been asking her to do?--Bother the hat!"

Eliza was brushing so vigorously that she sent Vane's hard

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