A Little World

Published: 1877
Language: English
Wordcount: 148,071 / 418 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 55.4
LoC Category: PR
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In his delineations of the lower phases of London life, Mr. Fenn comes next to Dickens himself; indeed, he has done the London cabman and the London street ruffian in a way which Dickens himself has not surpassed. He has a true Dutch Ostade-like manner of depicting a homely interior.

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ht of his portly enemy, and relieve his mind by turning his back, doubling down, and grinning between his legs, distorting his face after the fashion of the corbels of the old church, the tongue being a prominent figure as to effect. For quite five minutes Ichabod showed his utter contempt for the church dignitary in question, who was all the time in a brown study, calculating the amount he would probably receive by way of what he called "donus," upon the appointment of a new organist--a train of thought interrupted by the consideration of the verses he should distribute at the coming Christmas, the last set having been unsatisfactory, from having been used by the beadle of the neighbouring parish, "a common man and low."

But there was soon an interruption to this second train of thought, for people began to congregate, and he had to lend his aid to Mrs Nimmer, and assist the worthy old lady in imprisoning the new-comers in the big old pews, where if they could not see they would at all events be able

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