Landholding In England

Author: Joseph Fisher
Published: 1875
Language: English
Wordcount: 34,192 / 106 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 50.4
LoC Category: D
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Genre: History

November 3, 1875.

I do not propose to enter upon the system of landholding in Scotland or Ireland, which appears to me to bear the stamp of the Celtic origin of the people, and which was preserved in Ireland long after it had disappeared in other European countries formerly inhabited by the Celts. That ancient race may be regarded as the original settlers of a large portion of the European continent, and its land system possesses a remarkable affinity to that of the Slavonic, the Hindoo, and even the New Zealand races. It was originally Patriarchal, and then Tribal, and was communistic in its character.

I do not pretend to great originality in my views. My efforts have been to collect the scattered rays of light, and to bring them to bear upon one interesting topic. The present is the child of the past. The ideas of bygone races affect the practices of living people. We form but parts of a whole; we are influenced by those who preceded us, and we shall influence those who come after us. Men cannot disas


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Phil King

There are many grey areas that remain for most of us when it comes to English History. Our history is linked with that era that provides so many of the historic events, stories, plays, and fables of Ol' England. Fisher provides a foundation for so much of that for which there are always so many questions remainant, an aspect that clears up some of those grey areas, the land itself.

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