At Good Old Siwash

Published: 1910
Language: English
Wordcount: 83,488 / 231 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 86.3
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Eleven humorous stories of the team spirit and the camaraderie of college life in the good old days. "Old Siwash" is an exaggerated version of Knox College at Galesburg, the author's alma mater.

Contents: Ole Skjarsen's First Touchdown.--Initiating Ole.--When Greek Meets Grouch.--A Funeral That Flashed in the Pan.--Colleges While You Wait.--The Greek Double Cross.--Taking Pace from Father Time--Frapped Football.--Cupid.--That Old College Chum.--Votes from Women.--Sic Transit Gloria All America.

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d tell you when you came back that two stone hitching-posts out of three could get past you in a six-foot alley. If you missed a punt you could expect to be told that you might catch a haystack by running with your arms wide open, but that was no way to catch a football. Maybe things like that don't sound jabby when two dozen men hear them! They kept us catching punts between classes, and tackling each other all the way to our rooms and back. We simply had to play football to keep from being bawled out. It's an awful thing to have a coach with a tongue like a cheese knife swinging away at you, and to know that if you get mad and quit, no one but the dear old Coll. will suffer--but it gets the results. They use the same system in the East, but there they only swear at a man, I believe. Siwash is a mighty proper college and you can't swear on its campus, whatever else you do. Swearing is only a lazy man's substitute for thinking, anyway; and Bost wasn't lazy. He preferred the descriptive; he sat up nights think


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Dick Thornton

I found this a very humorous book about college life. Although it took place long ago, the author describes his characters and scenes very well, and gives you a variety of amusing tales.

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