Grace Harlowe's Sophomore Year at High School

The Record of the Girl Chums in Work and Athletics

Author: Jessie Graham Flower (Josephine Chase)
Published: 1911
Language: English
Wordcount: 52,610 / 157 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 78.2
LoC Categories: PS, PZ
Downloads: 407
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Once outside the gymnasium, Grace's dignity forsook her, and she felt a wild desire to kick and scream like a small child. The contemptible conduct of the junior team filled her with just rage. With a great effort at self-control she turned to the other girls, who were holding an indignation meeting in the corridor.

"Girls," she said, "I know just how you feel about this, and if we had been boys there would have been a hand-to-hand conflict in the gymnasium to-day."

"I wish we hadn't given in," said Nora, almost sobbing with anger.

"There was really nothing else to do," said Anne. "It is better to retire with dignity than to indulge in a free-for-all fight."

"Yes," responded Grace, "it is. But when that insufferable Julia Crosby poked Professor Cole's permit under my nose, I felt like taking her by the shoulders and shaking her. What those juniors need is a good, sound thrashing.


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Julie Fenters

Second in the Grace Harlowe series. A pleasant, easy story, set in America during the Victorian era. Grace and her friends, now sophomores, become school leaders and defeat their nemesis on the basketball court. Happy endings for all. All one can say is, times sure were different then!

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