Grace Harlowe's Junior Year at High School

Or, Fast Friends in the Sororities

Author: Jessie Graham Flower (Josephine Chase)
Published: 1911
Language: English
Wordcount: 54,237 / 161 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 87
LoC Categories: PS, PZ
Downloads: 2,981
Added to site: 2006.02.21 12830

staring after her.

"What an extraordinary girl!" said Jessica. "She acts as though she'd known us all her life, and we never set eyes on her until she marched in and calmly interrupted us ten minutes ago."

"It doesn't seem to make much difference whether or not we like her. She has decided she likes us, and that settles it," said Grace, smiling. "What do you think of her, Anne? You are a pretty good judge of character."

"I don't know yet," replied Anne slowly. "She seems charming. She must be awfully clever, too, to know so many languages, but----"

"But what?" queried Nora.

"Oh, I don't know just what I want to say, only let's proceed slowly with her, then we'll never have anything to regret."

"Come on, girls," said Jessica impatiently. "Let's hurry. You know we promised to meet the boys as soon as school was over."

The girl chums walked out of the study hall, each with her mind so full of the new girl, who had so suddenly appeared in their midst, that the pro


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Julie Fenters

Victorian girls apparently joined sororities, not gangs, in high school. Problems were solved by silence and good manners, not by insults and catfighting. Some of the conflict solving seems unrealistic, but those were different times back then. The characters are great. One starts to notice a trend in the series, as each book has an antagonist Grace must foil or befriend, and each book has the obligatory "Grace in danger" scene. Still, a good book in a good series.

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