The Mistakes of Jesus

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Author: William Floyd
Published: 1932
Language: English
Wordcount: 17,998 / 61 pg
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The tradition regarding Jesus is so glamorous that it is difficult to review his life and character with an unbiased mind. While Fundamentalists and Modernists differ regarding the divinity of Christ, all Christians and many non-Christians still cling to preconceived notions of the perfection of Jesus. He alone among men is revered as all-loving, omniscient, faultless--an unparalleled model for mankind.

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nd Joseph took Jesus to Jerusalem openly soon after the supposed decree.[2]

There is dispute as to whether Jesus was born in Bethlehem or Nazareth, and the date of his birth has been placed anywhere from 4 B.C. to 7 A.D. Matthew says that Jesus was born "in the days of Herod", while Luke says it was "When Cyrenius was governor of Syria." Herod died in 4 B.C., while Cyrenius did not become governor of Syria until 7 A.D.

The romantic story of the Christ-child is not corroborated by the historians of the time and is in opposition to the theory of evolution by natural processes. And yet it is still one of the main sources of Jesus' fame, being repeated at Christmas-tide in the churches, thus connecting Jesus with God in a superhuman manner.

The consensus of scholarship is in practical agreement that the theory of the virgin birth as a link between Jesus and God is a mistake; but whose mistake was it? Jesus never referred to his miraculous birth. If he was merely a man and never heard of the r


Average Rating of 2.7 from 3 reviews: ***

I was very disappointed with this book. As a student studying theology I was excited to have some interesting points being raised but I was let down. His points are taken grossly out of context. While it does raise one or two interesting discussion points mostly he tries to present a overwhelming amount of proof but the majority of it is poorly researched white noise.


Eccellent work, I wish it was more like William Floyd. Do not you think that it is enough to believe in fairy tales? Death is unavoidable, no Jesus or other supernatural thing will help to avoid our death. Do not you think that it is time to start to believe in universe?

C. Alan Loewen

William Floyd (1871 - 1943) Editor of The Arbitrator, a New York atheist magazine and signer of A Humanist Manifesto I (1933) wrote The Mistakes of Jesus in 1932.

Sadly, an extensive search for Floyd's credentials was fruitless so I am incapable of commenting on his authority to make such statements as expressed in this secular sermon. Though Floyd does raise a few questions of merit, in all he personally shows ignorance of the world, customs, and mores of the Ancient Near East which explains much of Jesus' actions through the perspective of the culture and time in which he lived. Also, new archaeological discoveries that Floyd would not have been privy to, have shown some of his assertions about Jesus' "errors" to be incorrect, such as the discovery of manuscript fragments that move the authorship of the Gospels from the fifth century solidly into the first.

Nonetheless, The Mistakes of Jesus is an interesting work from the declining years of the Golden Age of Atheism before World War II and the bloody regimes of Hitler and Stalin put an end to the idealism of secular humanism once and for all. Atheists and skeptics of all stripes will find the work to be comforting bed time reading while Christian apologists will find hardly a question worth considering once they have wandered through all the arguments by outrage and blind appeal to authority without identifying said authority.

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