Published: 1961
Language: English
Wordcount: 2,486 / 15 pg
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It was, of course, one Hell ofan ending for a trip to Marsó

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him. Vaguely, he could sense--"remember" was too definite--much tugging and hauling upon his supine body. It doubtless seemed justifiable, but he flinched from recalling more clearly that which must have been so extremely unpleasant.

Gently, now, he tried rolling his head a few inches right, then left. When it hurt only one-tenth as much as he feared, he let his eyes open.

"Hel-lo!" rasped the bulbous creature squatting beside his pallet.

Charlie shut his eyes quickly, and very tightly.

Something with a dampish, spongy tip, probably one of the grape-red tentacles he had glimpsed, prodded his shoulder.

"Hel-lo!" insisted the scratchy voice.

Charlie peeped warily, was trapped at it, and opened his eyes resignedly.

"Where'n'ell am I?" he inquired.

It sounded very trite, even in his confused condition. Sections of the dark red skin b


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JoJo Biggins

You will be hard pressed to find a more worthless story than this.

Paulo Respighi

After weeks in a coma, the survivor of a crash on Mars wakes to find the rest of the crew has been sacrificed to bring rain, and he is next. His Martian nurse is his only friend, and as they flee the Martian mob together, things change.

Not too serious of a story, one character, and a Twilight Zone ending.

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