Wayside Courtships

Author: Hamlin Garland
Published: 1895
Language: English
Wordcount: 69,711 / 204 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 92
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 809
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One of the most characteristic phases of life in the West is the movement of its people, particularly of its young men. The latter are always on the road to college, to the city, to places farther west. On the way a woman's face often causes the young man to pause, turn, and perhaps remain. This motive underlies the book. On her part the woman finds a peculiar fascination in the passing of the stranger and the effect upon her life. A deeper interest still is suggested in the proem and elsewhere in the book.

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ng mob than go to Congress."

Suddenly a thought struck him. He rose on his elbow in bed and looked at Wallace just as he rose from a silent prayer. Catching his eye, Herman said:

"Say! why didn't you shout? I forgot all about it--I mean your profession."

Wallace crept into bed beside his communicative bedfellow in silence. He didn't know how to deal with such spirits.

"Say!" called Herman suddenly, as they were about to go to sleep, "you ain't got no picnic, old man."

"Why, what do you mean?"

"Wait till you see Cyene Church. Oh, it's a daisy snarl."

"I wish you'd tell me about it."

"Oh, it's quiet now. The calmness of death," said Herman. "Well, you see, it came this way. The church is made up of Baptists and Methodists, and the Methodists wanted an organ, because, you understand, father was the head center, and Mattie is the only girl among the Methodists who can play. The old man has got a head like a mule. He can't be switched off, once he makes up hi

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