Mars Girl

Author: Jeff Garrity
Published: 2008
Language: English
Wordcount: 81,622 / 236 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 68.7
LoC Category: PZ
Downloads: 5,382
Added to site: 2008.07.29 21610
License: by-nc

"Mars Girl is reminiscent of Kurt Vonnegut's early satire ... [It's] a bizarre, satirical romp that offers a glimpse into the media and politics of a future that is probably nearer than most would like to admit."-City Pulse

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r pistol lighter to a cigarette and took a deep drag. "But if only one's gonna make it, I hope they're right and it's the girl," she said through drifting smoke. "She was always my favorite."

Barker, still wearing his rain-splattered jacket, stood looking through the streaked Plexiglas window of a swinging door that led into the repair shop's garage where Fred had Barker's car on the lift. There were two coiled wires running from under the car's cell compartment to a keyboard and screen on a wheeled cart. Fred, Amber's husband, wore baggy blue coveralls over his thin frame and studied the screen with his back to Barker.

Amber handled the phone and the administrative details from behind a wooden counter that, except for the overflowing ashtray and the deck of cards arrayed in a half-finished game of solitaire, seemed more appropriate for a corporate gatekeeper than an office at a mom and pop repair shop in northern Michigan.

"They said the president's gonna talk soon," Amber said. "So mayb


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Average Rating of 4.2 from 13 reviews: *****

In this look at near future society, competing corporations of omnipresent high-tech paparazzi create and manipulate the "news" in extraordinary ways. Throw in corrupt politicians, 24x7 in-your-face marketing, and a tragic mystery that surrounds the first Martian settlement team. 4 stars instead of 5 for a slow start, but once it picks up it is a wild ride.


Kindle users: download the .mobi version (Kindles can read that format), the "official" Kindle format version (.azw) of this story is improperly formatted.

That being said: This is a fantastic story, funny and sharp. Even non-sci fi readers could get into this, it's heavy on the "fi" and not so much on the "sci", but set just enough in the future to justify the science fiction category. One of the better books I've read in a while, definitely the best free book.


*Kindle users: download the Mobi version instead of the "official" Kindle format (.azw) - the azw version is improperly formatted...

Now for the review: Excellent book, I highly recommend it. Heavy on the fiction, not so much on the science, it can be enjoyed by all readers - not just sci-fi readers. The author's style reminds me of Scalzi - sharp humor and fast reading. I hope to see more from this author in the future.

David Nezelek

This novel was a real joy to read. I wasn't sure where it was going at first, but once it took off, it was a fast paced, thoroughly enjoyable read.

While there were one or two things in the story meant to give insight, that somehow didn't feel organic, however they were small and didn't detract from the overall readability of this fun action-filled sci-fi romp.

The one thing that played through my head once the story took off was...this would make a really fun movie.


I really enjoyed this book and can recommend it. Was hoping to find more books by Garrity :)


I really enjoyed Mars Girl. It's fast, it's funny and witty and despite all that, it still has a message. I surely hope Mr. Garrity will bring us a sequel, or at least continue to write since I really like his style.


A reasonably good story, some good hooks but certainly not the best example of this type of work out there. The writing is kind of fractured too, like maybe it was a first time effort by the author? If so, good job. Otherwise, well, if you were aiming for a pulp magazine feel, you nailed it!

Allan Blackburn

Mars Girl turned out to be much more sophisticated than expected. Quite the commentary on today's political arena. However; I got confused on the last page where as the author you allowed Flanagan to present her asteroid view and thus turning the story into a "truth is impossible to know" tale, rather than a "pursue the truth and it shall set you free" story that it was up until that time. That was disappointing to me, yet maybe the real point [I hope not] is that "Spin Doctors" can turn even the worst scenario around. I don't like that philosophy either, but with the "terrorists all around us" governmental point of view verses the "blowback-ers" I am not so sure of anything anymore. Still, until the end, it had a nice libertarian, freedom and efficacy of the individual flavor, and that I loved. I hope you have more in store for your readers, of which, you can count me one.

Okay, one more thing. The style is unique and the story very humerous.

Terry Mentgen

Kind of like Carl Hiaasen, Vonnegut, and even Dr. Strangelove. It's an incredibly fast paced page turner. I read it in about 7 hours and couldn't get enough. I laughed, I cried, I chewed off all my nails. LOL

I'd like to send copies to all our media stars, producers and publishers of the 24 hour news cycle to shame them.


Skip it. Better to read some Jules Verne instead.

Rob Peerman

Sometimes I wasn't sure where Garrity was coming from during the odd-but-intriguing moments, but the world he creates is believable and the style grows on you. Mars Girl's twists and turns kept me interested and I'm still trying to figure out the ending; if any book I've read recently is ripe for a follow-up, it's this one. I'm curious to see what the author will come up with next.

Harry McGee

Mars Girl should make us all pay more attention to the threat of media manipulation of our world. Garrity's subtle wit and the fast-paced action make this a most enjoyable read.

Marc Sheehan

Mars Girl is a terrific read. Especially as we head into the heart of the campaign season, you can see how the novel captures the terrible confluence of media saturation and political cynicism. If we aren't exactly to the point in the future where Mars Girl takes place, it looks like we'll be there soon. This is a not only a really, really funny book, but it's one that has genuine insight behind the humor. This should be required reading for all political science students, news junkies and voters.

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