Uncle Peter

Language: English
Wordcount: 15,272 / 42 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 64.4
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Genre: Short Story

ou are bound to tell him more, I think - the nature of the last engagements which I satisfied for you before attaining your majority.'

The young man's brow grew crimson.

'I shall say, sir, all that is necessary for a man of honour to tell him who aspires to his daughter's hand - no less, no more.'

They parted; the light wheels of the young man's carriage glided swiftly over the smooth road that led towards Elsmore, but his heart yet more swiftly traversed the distance, and had acted and reacted the interview which awaited him long ere he arrived at the gates of the old mansion.

And the old man - he sat all the morning long in that small, bare study, bowing beneath the burthen of that desolate existence which henceforth he felt awaited him to his grave. Did his purpose falter? No, it gained strength by the very misery which he foresaw would attend its execution.

Lord Elsmore received the young man kindly, and his suit not unfavorably. He had, indeed, perceived for some time t


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Lisa Carr

A Balzac-ish story of the rich British guardian of his orphan nephew who opposes the marriage of his nephew to a titled woman because of his own past hurts by the nobility. They argue and split for years.
A fairly good story with some good characters and a full set of highly-polished coincidences. A harmless way to kill a half-hour or so.

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