The Plow-Woman

Author: Eleanor Gates
Published: 1906
Language: English
Wordcount: 90,251 / 270 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 83.4
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 578
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A cross-grained, crippled ex-section boss of a Texas railroad, and an unreconciled Confederate, immigrates with his two daughters to North Dakota, opposite a military post. the oldest daughter, Dallas, is the plow-woman, and she at once begins to cultiave the virgin fields for her incompentent father and sister. They have much trouble with Indians and land grabbers, during all of which the plow-woman grows more competent, more lovable, and more womanly. A good picture of Western "shack" life and marvelous railroad building "just after the war."

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at," he declared.

Again she coloured sensitively, and hastened to swing the team around until Betty stood in the furrow. "My father's coming," she said.

Instantly Lounsbury was all regret, for he saw that she had misunderstood him. "You don't look Texas," he said earnestly. "It's just the name. And--and I think Dallas is pretty, too."

The implied jest on her native State did not do away with her displeasure. She nodded gravely and, turning, put the lines about her shoulders. The mules started.

"Now I've got you down on me," he said penitently. "Honest, I didn't mean----"

She paid no heed.

He clapped on his hat, whipped his horse and followed alongside, waiting for her to look up. Opposite the shack, Lancaster and his other daughter were standing by the furrow. Here she drew rein. "This is Marylyn," she said, as the storekeeper leaned to grasp her father's hand.

Lounsbury again lifted his hat and looked down, long and admiringly, upon the younger g

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