Buxton and its Medicinal Waters

Published: 1892
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e will hear the hooting of the barn owl on Anna rocks, the unearthly screech of the landrail as he ploughs his way through the unmown grass in search of his mate, the scream of the curlew and chatter of the red grouse as they take their flight from peak to peak, and see the fairy queen come forth from the mermaid's cave in a shimmering light, followed by her maids, who dance a quadrille to the music of the spheres, and hear the wild blast of the hunter's horn heralding the approach of the Gabriel hounds as they take their rapid course across the murky sky, and become lost in the unfathomable depths beyond the Scout.



Physiological Functions in Healthy Individuals--Performance of the Physiological Functions in Health and Disease--Action of Oxygen upon the Nitrogenous and Non-nitrogenous Compounds--Origin of Calculi, Nodosities, and Tophi--Action of the Thermal Water upon the Great Emunctories--C


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C. Alan Loewen

Imagine a time when there is no such thing as aspirin or any other basic painkiller, where there are no antibiotics, and ailments we take for granted today were long-term sources of suffering and misery.

Then you will understand the value that the waters in Buxton, England were given as they were believed to have curative powers that may or may not have been a simple placebo effect.

For history buffs and historical writers interested in the end of the Victorian era, this little pamphlet is valuable for its perspective into a world and age long gone.

Craig Alan Loewen

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