Culm Rock

The Story of a Year: What it Brought and What it Taught

Author: Gaylord Glance
Published: 1867
Language: English
Wordcount: 58,138 / 166 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 74.6
LoC Category: PN
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Tate?" asked the master.

Hagar nodded assent. "Said ye was to hev it dis yer afternoon, sure," said she; "'twa'n't no letter to be lyin' 'round in dem Culm huts, so he cum up here wid it hisself. Be it frum Hastings, Mas'r Dick?"

Hagar had lived in the Trafford family from childhood, and Richard had grown up to manhood under her eyes, had married, and she went to live with the young people. She had seen the wife fade and die, and the husband grow stern and gloomy, and out of solicitude and affection had clung faithfully to him through all fortunes. It would seem, to hear her talk, that she never had quite realized that Richard Trafford, the man of forty, was any other than "Mas'r Dick," the boy whose smartness at school, and whose popularity among his companions, had always been her boast and pride. Gray and worn he was getting, gloomy, sad, even harsh at times to her, yet he was only "Mas'r Dick," and her own little boy, for whom she must watch and care to the best of her ability. Now, as she q


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Henry L. Ratliff

(1867) Young Readers (Social/Religious)

R: * * *

Plot bullets

  • Culm Rock is an isolated island, on which, twelve fisherman's cottages and a single stone house exists. The old stone house is inhabited by Richard Trafford and his housekeeper.

  • Richard wants, even craves for the seclusion that his dreary house brings. His wife has died and he morns to the point of the exclusion of all else.

  • Richard's brother dies and asks, in his will, that Richard take care of his son Noll.

  • Noll arrives in this gloomy place and is apathetically accepted by his Uncle. and in his Uncle's heart

  • Noll determines that it is his job to raise the fishermen from their squalor and ignorance and begins to help with his own time, money and knowledge. All to his uncles indifferent attitude.

  • Conditions and lives are change with Noll's influence. After a year, no one could say it was the same old, Culm Rock.

There is definitely a religious agenda in the story.
The later chapters, turn what would otherwise be a good story of a
man fighting grief, self worth, family ties and his religion, unnecessarily into a

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